• Ark Survival Evolved

      Ark Survival Evolved

      Xiled Gaming Ark! Yes that's right Xiled Gaming has an Ark server. It's a Unofficial PC server . XGC Chicago XS has graciously offered to pay for the server(s). XGC FxValis XD is a admin whom runs fun server events that you can win various awards by participating.

      Server Information

      Xiled Gaming Ark Server stats are - [ x3 XP - x4 Harvest - x6 Taming - x16 Maturation - x16 Incubation - Night x3 Faster - Day 3/10 Slower - Day Cycle is at 1/2 speed ] they are only slightly boosed from Offical server. Just enough to make it a more fun experiance.

      The server is a PvP server, Make no mistake, although it is a community server, and we host events, the end game is Dominate. That brings me to the server Rules.

      The Server is also clustered with XGC Chicago XS's First Server on Ragnork and the Second Server on Aberration.

      Not only do we follow and enforce Xiled Gaming Honor Code, the following are also server Rules to try to make it more enjoyable for all.


      Any tribe or alliance who raid to a point of wiping has a chance of getting everyone banned.

      "Insiding" a tribe is lame, falls under the don't-be-a-**** rule, and very much a bannable offense.

      It's NOT allowed to kite or drop wild dinos on players, bases, rafts whatever.

      Bug abuse WILL NOT be tolerated.

      Setting a base up in a popular spawn point is not allowed.

      Blocking off "Artifact" caves with turrets too close to the cave entrances are not allowed.

      There is a fine line between griefing and PVP. Don’t cross it. Such as continuously raiding the same tribe repeatedly and not giving them a chance to rebuild or build in the first place. Basically, don't be a Troll.

      Ark gets a little hostile or aggressive ‘salty’ in chats. This is fine to a point. Some people on this server will be recording YouTube videos. A little maturity and respect towards other players is all we ask.

      Xiled Gaming Ark Server also has a In-game Currency using In-game Resources. The currency can be used to buy, Sell and trade Items or Animals with the Server Store Owned and Operated by XGC FxValis XD or with other member on the server. All to make your Ark Gaming experiance more enjoyable.
      A full list of items and Animals the Store sells can be found

      Ark is a Fantasy game where it put you in the middle of an alien world where Dionosours have taken over.
      Pitcher, you wake up alone on a beach, no tool no weapons not even cloths. You then have to harvest resources and materials, tools and weapons to survive. It's Minecraft meets Jurassic world.

      A fitting quote "You're not in Kansas, anymore. You're on Pandora, ladies and gentlemen. Respect that fact, people. Every second of every day. If there is a hell, you might want to there for some R&R after a tour on Pandora. Out there beyond that fence every living thing that crawls, flies, or squats in the mud wants to kill you and eat your eyes out for jujubes." - Col. Miles Quaritch: Avatar

      It a grind everyday to survive against nature and then with the PvP (player vs player) aspect thrown in, keeps everyone busy.

      So if you love a challenge, or if prehistoric animals interest you, or even if your just looking for something New. Come, check out Ark and join in on the fun.

      If interested in joining the Xiled Gaming Ark Server, Hit up XGC FxValis XD or XGC Chicago XS for an invite.
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