• KoG Devil Dogs: Captain Promotion - KoG Kammy

    KoG Kammy joined the community on 2-5-18. As soon as he joined KoG Royalty he went out of his way to help the clan anyway he could. He gamed with everyone and made everyone feel welcome. He quickly went up the ranks and proved what a amazing member he was. He got his promotion to lieutenant on 2-26-18, from there on out he busted his *** to help the clan anyway he could. Now that we've split off of KoG Royalty and became KoG DevilDogs I feel that KoG Kammy will be one of the very best captains out there and that he'll make KoG DevilDogs amazing.
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    1. KoG Dignity's Avatar
      KoG Dignity -
      Congrats kammy!
    1. natsunani's Avatar
      natsunani -
      Thank you Dig! Glad to be apart of KoG!
    1. KoG EXILE XD's Avatar
      KoG EXILE XD -
      Congratulations and we are glad you are here with us!