• Community Promotion KATtasticZ

    Help Me in Congratulating KATtasticZ with her recent Promotion !!!!

    KATtasticZ joined this fine community on 5/27/2017 recruited into Syn Salvation Clan, Omega Squad .

    Right from the start KATtasticZ was a go getter, She navigated through the website seeking out all the information she could about the community, asking questions, she was passionate about getting to fully know and understand how we work, she was on a mission.
    Through hard work & strong determination to be a part of something bigger than herself from sergeant to lieutenant in omega KATytasticZ was given her own squad to oversee, (AVENGERS) , and oversee she did, Running a successful squad, building and unifying her beloved members & molding future leadership.
    Now it Gives me Great Pleasure to Promote KATtasticZ to the Rank of General Over SYN BROTHERHOOD !!!

    " Leadership is a choice,,,NOT a Rank"
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    1. SYN SNOW XS's Avatar
      SYN SNOW XS -
      Congratulations KATtasticZ make me proud !!!
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    1. PennywiseAtol's Avatar
      PennywiseAtol -
      Congrats KAT!
    1. SKATERDRACO's Avatar
      Congrats Kat you deserve it
    1. OMG it Rampage's Avatar
      OMG it Rampage -
      Crongradulations kat
    1. IMDSwampKing's Avatar
      IMDSwampKing -
      congrats katy you deserve it!!!
    1. Keyfam931's Avatar
      Keyfam931 -
      Congratulations kat
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    1. SYN Miss G's Avatar
      SYN Miss G -
      Congratulations KATtasticZ. so pleased for u on ur promotion
    1. KATtasticZ's Avatar
      KATtasticZ -
      I like to thank each and every one of you! it's been a lot of fun so far and i'm learning more everyday!