Please Help Congratulate SYN EL GATO to being a General over SYN Aerona !

    SYN EL GATO has worked her way through the ranks, showing his knowledge of the community with how her solves problems and communicates with members of the community. Her has been through the rough times with the clan and has shown her can help motivate her members to get her squad/clan back up and running as well as squash any drama that comes his direction. SYN EL GATO shows great potential of being a superb general. With the support of his officers, SYN Aerona will grow and succeed with SYN EL GATO as a general.

    CONGRATULATIONS SYN EL GATO to your promotion to General over SYN Aerona !!
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      Thank you (:
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      Congrats chick!
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      Thank you (:
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