• Community Promotion: SYN ThyVenom

    SYN ThyVenom first joined the community back in December of 2016 under the gamertag xThyVenom. He was originally recruited into SYN Reapers, but after a short break from the community he then joined back in March, this time into SYN Anarchy. Having worked his way up through the ranks he has proved himself to be a very capable leader with the desire to help out his family wherever he can, making sure that everybody is happy and things run smoothly.

    SYN Anarchy is a tight knit clan so I know they will all join me, and I hope everyone else will too, when I say congratulations to SYN ThyVenom on his promotion to general of SYN Anarchy! Keep up the great work!
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    1. SYN Aquatic XS's Avatar
      SYN Aquatic XS -
    1. SYN ThyVenom's Avatar
      SYN ThyVenom -
      Thank you so much!!
    1. SYN xPLURx's Avatar
      SYN xPLURx -
      He's a goat
    1. SYN LADY REAPER's Avatar
      CONGRATULATIONS on your promotion