• New Clan Alert - XGC Blades Edge - New General Promotion!

    XGC Cashout has successfully split his clan with the help of XGC Pushed and has created a whole new clan called XGC Blades Edge. This split was perfectly executed and well deserved for XGC Cashout and i know someday he will be ready for more responsibilities. So lets start by congratulating XGC Cashout on not only on his split but also in producing an amazing leader XGC Pushed. XGC Gods Of War hasn't been with me for long however i have seen huge changes for the clan in that time and XGC Pushed has been at the center of most of the changes. XGC Pushed wasn't just an ordinary captain she wanted more and wasn't going to give up until she reached her goal. XGC Pushed is an amazing recruiter and because of her leadership skills and understanding of Xiled Gaming i am happy to promote XGC Pushed to General over her new clan XGC Blades Edge and i would appreciate it if everyone who sees her around can welcome her into to rank of General
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    1. SYN Metal XS's Avatar
      SYN Metal XS -
      Congratulations!! (:
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    1. XGC Pushed's Avatar
      XGC Pushed -
      I would like to thank XGC Cashout for all the support and guidance along the way to making this clan split happen and for giving me this opportunity to become a General, Also thanks to everyone for their posts of support!
    1. XGC GasMskMafia's Avatar
      XGC GasMskMafia -
      Congratulations guys!!

      -XGC Battle Born