• XGC Einsee Crow - XGC GroundZero - General Promotion

    Please help me congratulate
    XGC Einsee Crow
    on his promotion to General over XGC GroundZero!

    XGC Einsee Crow first joined the community under the name Elanski, in SYN Illuzion, in April 2016.
    He eventually made his way into XGC Apocalypse where he became a captain. He helped bring the clan back from the brink. In the process of doing this, he became a great leader. He has now split into XGC GroundZero, which is XGC Phantom XD and my home clan! I can't wait to see where XGC Einsee Crow will go on this new leadership journey!

    So, again, please help me congratulate XGC Einsee Crow!
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