• Why We Recruit

    Why do we recruit?

    Such a simple question and more often than not followed with the wrong answer.

    I've heard leaders and members alike say the same answer.... We recruit to get promotions, to grow clans, to split clans. WRONG!!!! Those are the wrong answers. We recruit because we remember what it was like to game by ourselves. When one or two friends was all we had. We recruit to find more friends to game with and show them what they are missing out on. We recruit to build the team we have always wanted. The list could go on. Time and time again I've heard about splits and promotions. We need to stay focused. That shouldn't be what it's about. It should be about making friends, that's why we do it. Recruit to build your family. Recruit to make new friends. Show someone else the awesome community we have. Share what we have worked to build. Recruiting shouldn't feel like work. It should be second nature. To invite a solo gamer to your party and make him/her feel like a part of something more, apart of something bigger. Apart of a Family. Build your family. Be a family. Remember it's about the gamers. It's about having fun and having fun together.

    Let's build our family!!!

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    1. KoG EXILE XD's Avatar
      KoG EXILE XD -
      Well written brother!!!
    1. SYN MU5ik M1X3R's Avatar
      SYN MU5ik M1X3R -
      We recruit to make new friends, have fun, and to become part of a FAMILY!!