• Congratulations to oopz i killedya

    Please help me congratulate oopz i killedya in becoming the General of SYN Supernova.

    “Oopz, you have worked so hard and pride yourself in being a leader. I have seen so much growth in you and i hope to see more as time passes”-Mari

    oopz i killedya is a hardworking and dedicated member to XG. Even with a laid back attitude, he strides to work hard and effective influence others to the best of his abilities. He sees the good things in people and helps anyone who needs his help. He has a mission for supernova. We could all see it from day one. Good luck and congratulations!
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    1. SYN RETRO XD's Avatar
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    1. SYN KayKat XD's Avatar
      SYN KayKat XD -
      Congratulations, oopz! I am so excited to see you be the new General of my home clan! Can't wait to see the new journey you bring to Supernova!
    1. SYN Warfighter's Avatar
      SYN Warfighter -
      Congrats oops welcome to the generals seat lol. You’ll do great bud from what I seen to what mari said I know you’ll take care of supernova an it’s members. Have fun bud
    1. SYN SAVANT IV's Avatar
      Congratulations, Opps!
    1. IAmDraggon's Avatar
      IAmDraggon -
      Good job bro