• Community Promotion: SYN VeeVee XS

    SYN VeeVee XS was originally recruited into SYN Supernova in August of 2016 under the name llVeeVeell. SYN Supernova is VeeVeeís home and she has been with SYN Supernova since she was recruited and as a Captain and General, she continuously showed that she was willing to put the time and effort in order to help her clan grow. VeeVee has put in a lot of hard work, even when going through hard times in her personal life, VeeVee put in a lot of time making sure that her clan members and her other responsibilities were taken care of. SYN VeeVee XSís hard work has paid off and has earned the rank of Section Leader! Congrats SYN VeeVee XS!
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    1. SYN Ribon XS's Avatar
      SYN Ribon XS -
      Congrats Veevee!
    1. SYN Aquatic XS's Avatar
      SYN Aquatic XS -
      Congrats veevee
    1. SYN KayKat XS's Avatar
      SYN KayKat XS -
      YAY! Congrats Veeeeeee!!
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    1. SYN Jordan XD's Avatar
      SYN Jordan XD -
      Congratulations, Vee!!! We love cheese!!!