• Game with Fame - XGC Karma XC - Feb 2018

      I first met XGC Karma XC when she was a Section Leader in SYN and I was a general. Now, she's a Community Leader. Between flying planes and jumping out of moving vehicles, I finally got to sit down with her last night while she was playing her favorite game, PubG, and interview her. This is how it went:

      First gamertag?

      Favorite color?

      Clan history?
      Recruited into The SYNdicate - split into SYN Divergent where I became general - then split into SYN Ignition. Then moved to SYN Outlaws to rebuild on the One. Then promoted to Section Leader in June 2015; Division Leader in February 2016; Community Leader in October 2017.

      Who recruited you? When?
      SYN Cowboy Beepbop - Jan 21 2014

      What are a few characteristics that you believe every leader should have?
      - Integrity
      - Effective communication
      - Open mindness

      What advice would you give to someone who wanted to move up into leadership?
      Work hard, have your integrity, do the right thing when nobody's looking. Do your own job, dont rely on other people to do your job. Go down the hard road instead of the easier road.

      What is your most memorable moment in XG?
      That would be promoting my general to XS after I got promoted to XS. For me, it's not about what I said or did, its about what everyone else did or said.

      What is one thing you try to stress to all gamers in XG?
      Don't be afraid to communicate, don't be afraid to talk to anyone. Have fun.

      What is your favorite thing about Xiled Gaming?
      The people. The leadership characteristics that you are allowed to learn.

      What is the weirdest dream you ever had?
      I remember dreaming that I met Rez, Eminence, Double, Penguin, and Tantaliz. The dream was that all of them were on a flight that I was piloting and everyone got drunk.

      What got you into gaming?
      I actually got into gaming because of my dad. He would let me play games with him and was actually the one who bought me my first console.

      What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to gaming?
      Lag. I hate lagging when I game. Or when there’s a full party and not everyone is playing the same game.

      What is the first game you ever played?

      What made you want to move up in leadership?
      I wanted to help other people. There were a lot of people who didn't like where they were in the clan, and I wanted to move up for them so they had a good place to be.

      What are some plans you have for Xiled Gaming as a whole?
      Help get all of the XG Teams get back on their feet so they are where they should be. Making the community an environment where everyone is comfortable.

      Who would you attribute to the most of who you are today in the community?
      XGC Penguin XC, SYN Lonewolf XS, XGC x0 0 7x XI, SYN Formal XS, XGC Res XC, XGC Eminence XC

      What was the craziest thing you've ever done?
      Jumped out of a moving car.

      What is your favorite game?

      What is something you have learned in the community that has impacted your real life?
      Everything! It really taught me how to have communication skills. Work ethic. Time management.

      What is your funniest moment in Xiled Gaming?
      When I was a general, I sent all of the gamertags I was wanting when I became an XS to every single leader on my friends list (XS and higher) during meetings on a Sunday night when I meant to send out a message about a game night I was hosting.

      Have you been binge watching anything lately?
      The Heart of Dixie and Grey’s Anatomy and Vegas to LA

      What is your favorite gaming food/drink?
      Chips, French Fries, Coke

      What would you say is one thing you need to work on the most?
      My communication skills and gaming with other people.

      What is your greatest strength?
      Being able to read people.

      Are you faster than an airplane?
      I wish I was *giggle*.

      How does it feel being a Community Leader, and someone people look up to in the community?
      Feels kinda scary. Its kind of nerve racking but it feels good at the same time.

      Would you say that you put on a different demeanor with people you meet via xbox live as opposed to in your personal life, despite having to maintain a positive image being a Community Leader?
      I'm the same person on the box as I am in person. But, I'd say I'm more outgoing in person because I'm a little more quiet on the box.

      Despite having to keep a cool head, what would make you tick rather easily?
      People who ask for my advice but decide to dismiss it. People who waste my time, people who complain all the time.

      Why did you choose the name Karma?
      Listen to the song “Look at me Now” by Chris Brown.

      What’s your favorite type of music?
      Country and R&B

      If you had a super power what would it be?
      Read someone’s mind.

      If an orange is orange, why isn't a lime called a green or a lemon called a yellow?
      I don't know *giggles*.

      Why do banks leave the door wide open but the pens chained to the counter?
      Because pens are always being stolen.

      Why is a person who handles money called a broker?
      Just because they handle money, doesn't mean they have money!

      What is one thing about being a Community Leader that you really enjoy doing?
      I like being able to help or assist any person in any division.

      To learn more about the car jumping pilot, join XGC Charley XS in the Game with Fame Game Night!
      WHEN: Monday, February 26, 2018
      TIME: 9 PM EST
      WHERE: CoD: WW2
      HOW: Message XGC Charley XS for an invite!

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