• SYN Promotion: New Clan - SYN Untamed - SYN KodaK

    SYN KodaK joined SYN Hellhounds as KodaK BLocC and after some hard work and dedication SYN Hellhounds
    became SYN Unleashed, but is now the general of a new clan: SYN Untamed.

    SYN KodaK first joined the community and found it was a community he loved to be apart of. That love he had definitely showed in the way he stepped up after SYN Hellhounds hit a rough spot.

    Once he became the general of SYN Hellhounds and everything moved at a quick, steady pace. Especially after he changed the name to SYN Unleashed. He quickly had two squads and both of those squads were run by SYN Snu Snu and SYN Pinkx369. The three leaders were an unstoppable force and soon a clan split was executed, birthing the new clan SYN Untamed.

    SYN Snu Snu had nothing but praise for her general, saying, "Kodak never turns his back on any of us. He stands behind us no matter what. He's a very loyal person and that's one of the things that makes him a great general; he doesn't let the rank go to his head. He's a very good person and that's what makes him a good general . He actually cares about his clan and he goes above and beyond."

    SYN Pinkx369, a former captain and now peer of his said, "KodaK is an amazing mentor and teacher. He's loyal, dedicated and hard-working. He did a great job with SYN Unleashed. He will do an amazing job with SYN Untamed."

    I couldn't agree more with the words of those ladies and, to add on, I'd just like to say that SYN KodaK is an amazing general. He's had his hardships, but through it all he has persevered and overcome all odds and defied those that speak against him. SYN KodaK, you are a great general and I can't wait to see what you accomplish now that you have moved further down your path of greatness.

    Congratulations SYN KodaK!!
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      Congratulations on your recent promotion and the new clan!