• Road Map To A Successful Clan

    Get to know Every Member and Game with them: If you do not have their Trust then you have Nothing!!! Remember without your Clan or Family Members you have Nothing!!!

    Communication is the Key to Success the more that you are online and Game with your members the more they will want to be on and Game with you. If you disappear and start gaming on other games that no one else has and there is no leadership around then most Members will be discouraged and will want to Transfer or Leave. I am not stating not to play your new games, What I am saying is not to leave anyone behind.

    Make sure that you learn time management, If your clan is on during a certain time say 8-10 and they all play BO3 and that is your Clans Platform, then the Platform of which your clan is built upon is what you Need to be playing and after a 2-3 hours of gaming with your members then go off and play your new game… Every few days ask if anyone has the new game and you might be surprised as the numbers grows that buys that game and before you know it you will be adding a new platform to your Clan. Do Not forget to play the Main Game that your Clan Games on as that is what made you successful. Lead By Example!!!

    If you treat them with Respect then they will Treat you with Respect.

    I understand that we all like to Joke around at times but be conscientious of people’s feelings, In other words Do Not Be Disrespectful as that can turn into something Ugly Really Fast. If you and a Member have an inside Joke that is between you and that member that pushes the limits of Respect Keep that to yourselves in a Party of just the two of you (or if it is a group, within your group) .

    What Ever you do; Do Not bring up that joke in a Group of people especially if there are Members that are New or even worse from other Clans as it will spread like wild fire and before you know it everyone will be disrespecting that Member thinking that it was ok because they were in a party that made it ok, without actually having ill intentions …. It is Best to Not do it at all and use Good Judgement and Not Bad Judgement.

    Listen to your Members and know what is going on in their Real Life as well as their Xbox Life as it will make you, as a Leader, Better Understand each person in your Clan. By this statement I do not mean to pry and ask personal questions. If you have gained your Members Trust then they will come to you and Open Up About themselves. With this said you will start to understand who will be a Candidate to move up through the Ranks and who is comfortable staying as a Non Officer.

    Make Sure that you work with the Members that want to move up as well as the ones that you have in place and train them properly as one day they will replace you as you move up.

    For many People they join XG to be a part of a Family and that is what we all become is Family. And like a Family we all have different personalities that we have to navigate through to find a common ground.

    Our Common Ground is Gamming and Communication which is what brought us all together in the First place.

    Structure: In a Structure we look up to our Leaders to advise us on how to become better Leaders and Communicate with our Clans as well as the guidance on how to Move up through the Ranks. We want to work together as a Team and have better our call outs, Work on our Skills Both Strong and Weak all while working with each other and giving constructive pointers. This should apply both ways up and down the Chain of Command… Find out from your Members what you can do to make their gaming experience a better one and really listen to their suggestions as it will only help you and the community.

    Keep in mind that everyone that has an X in their name was a Recruit at one time, We worked our way up and made suggestions for the greater good of the community. So no matter what Rank they may be under you they may have some great ideas… By All Means Give Credit where Credit is Due when asked by the Higher Ups as it only shows that you listened to your Members.

    Make sure that you Recruit by being out of a Party and if possible try to take over a lobby as others will want to game with you and be a part of this incredible community we are in, just by seeing how we all have fun together. It is everyone’s job to recruit … from Recruit to General.

    Make Sure that you have game nights or challenges, scrimmages against other Clans and Practices to better your game play.

    Make sure to get familiar with the forums and start using them. As you move up this will be a tool that is going to be used on a more frequent basis therefore get used to it and learn how to train your members. Encourage your members to use the forums for communication as well as Forum Games.

    No Matter what Rank you are make sure that you game with your Squads, Clans and Section. The more that you are out there gaming with them, the more likely you are going to be Successful.