• Community Promotion: XGC StoneD4life

    Please help me congratulate XGC StoneD4life on his promotion to general of XGC Forsaken!

    XGC StoneD4life joined Xiled Gaming in August of 2016, into XGC Exalted. In July of 2017, as Captain of New Bloods Squad, Stoned transferred to XGC Reliant under XGC Dizz to help due to the previous Captain and Lieutenant having to step down for personal reasons. Stoned worked hard to recruit quality members into his squad and grow XGC Reliant, while developing him and those below him into future leaders. He's known as someone who always helps others on games, whether it's running them through campaign, difficult missions, raids, or just about anything (except PvP in Destiny)

    I look forward to seeing Stoned grow as a leader in the community, and know he will do a great job in his new position!