• Community Promotion: SYN GBU

    Please help congratulate SYN GBU to his recent promotion over SYN Sacred! He has shown he can be a good general with his vast knowledge of the position and his attitude during this past week. He has shown that he will not make the same mistakes as in his past and that he has learned from previous experiences. SYN GBU will have no problem sustaining and growing his clan up. Where his journey as a General lies, is with how he handles his rank as General from this point in time. As with all old and new generals, he will show his potential as he grows in this rank of general; rewriting his past positions with this one he holds now.

    CONGRATULATIONS SYN GBU on your promotion and Best of Luck to your time as New General of SYN Sacred!
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    1. SYN SNOW XD's Avatar
      SYN SNOW XD -
      Congratulations GBU !!
    1. SYN GBU's Avatar
      SYN GBU -
      Quote Originally Posted by SYN SNOW XS View Post
      Congratulations GBU !!
      Thanks Snow!!!
    1. The Package 25's Avatar
      The Package 25 -
      Congratulations SYN GBU. I still remember when you were in diapers in SYN. I have watched you grow AWW. LOL. GOOD JOB buddy
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      SYN MsBigfoot -
      This is quite late, but Congratulations on your promotion bud!