• Community Promotion: SYN Pisces

    SYN Pisces (formerly known as SYN Buke) joined Xiled Gaming back in November of 2016 into SYN Reapers with the gamertag of BukeKendra. She then found herself in SYN Anarchy where she has truly blossomed! Pisces has shown herself to be a truly caring member of the community, she is always there for her members and they know that. People have always been willing to talk to her about issues even when she was only a lieutenant, and this approachability is of course a great asset for her to have as a general and a leader. From what I've seen she is a very loved member of the clan, when she returned from inactivity at the end of last year there were so many members happy to have her back in the family. Not only is she friendly though, Pisces has also proven that she is dedicated and willing to put in that extra work to do whatever she can for her clan. Whilst the clan was without a general she was always asking if there was anything she could do to help out and offering her assistance in any which way that she possibly could. Not only did she offer her help however, but when I decided to take her up on it she was able to get things done efficiently and to a high standard.

    I believe SYN Pisces will be an amazing general. This young lady is almost definitely one of the strongest members I have ever had the honour of meeting and I am so glad to be able to say congratulations on your promotion to General of SYN Anarchy!
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    1. SYN Pisces's Avatar
      SYN Pisces -
      Thanks Ribon for Everything
    1. IAmTheBatgirl94's Avatar
      IAmTheBatgirl94 -
      Congrats buke!!!! Im so incredibly proud of you! I know you will be an amazing general! Keep up the amazing work!
    1. SYN KayKat XD's Avatar
      SYN KayKat XD -
    1. KoG xLOTUSx's Avatar
      KoG xLOTUSx -
      congrats!!! you came a long ways. i remembered when you were first recruited. proud of you chick! again congrats on your promotion!!!!!
    1. Femioxi's Avatar
      Femioxi -
      KENDRA!! So proud of you!!!
    1. SYN Warfighter's Avatar
      SYN Warfighter -
      Congrats on your promotion
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      PowerFist99 -
      Congratulations on your promotion Buke