• Community Promotion KoG DEFENDER XS

    Everyone it is with great honor that we announce the newest Section Leader in Kings of Gaming..... drum roll.... KoG Defender (Now KoG DEFENDER XS). He has been a Section Leader in XGC and with his experience and skills he has earned his way back up the ranks in Kings of Gaming. He is a prime example of what spending time with your members, hard work, and recruiting will pay off. We know he will do well and will continue to do great things for KoG. Thank you for your hard work and thank you to your members for doing great things to help get you to where you are. Awesome job Defender!!!!
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      KoG Force -
    1. KoG DEFENDER XS's Avatar
      Thanks guys!!!! Im so honored!!
    1. XGC Gore's Avatar
      XGC Gore -
      Congratulations on your promotion, man. Happy for you!
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      KoG Cyborg -
      Congrats man!!
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