• Community Promotion: SYN Kudu

    Please help congratulate SYN Kudu for reaching the rank of General of SYN Relentless!

    SYN Kudu has shown great potential to be a good general over SYN Relentless! He has taken multiple captain's classes, has shown he has the knowledge and has proven he has the attitude for a good general. He has taken the opportunity to build on a game that no one has really tried or succeeded before and has grown it up to being ready for being on its own (Minecraft). With the support of his captain, ANGELEX3KUT1ONR, SYN Relentless with succeed and grow!

    CONGRATULATIONS SYN Kudu on making General of SYN Relentless!!!
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    1. SYN Ribon XS's Avatar
      SYN Ribon XS -
      Congratulations kudu
    1. SYN Alchemy's Avatar
      SYN Alchemy -
      Congrats man.
    1. KATtasticZ's Avatar
      KATtasticZ -
      Wanted to give you the official congrats Kudu!! You'll make an excellent General.
    1. ghost assassin X's Avatar
      ghost assassin X -
      Congrates man
    1. SYN SNOW XD's Avatar
      SYN SNOW XD -
      Congratulations kudu !!
    1. SYN MsBigfoot's Avatar
      SYN MsBigfoot -
      Congratulations Kudu!!