• Just Remember All The Good The Purge Does

      If you're a fan of Minecraft on the Xbox One, come out and join XiledGaming and friends for the XG Purge!

      You will be working with your friends to build a community to live and survive in. In a hostile environment, you'll need those friends to aid you when you find yourself trapped between dreaded creepers and a fiery death by lava.

      Be wary, though. That peace and trust you've built with your neighbors can disappear in the blink of an eye. Will you be ready for The Purge?

      Alliances are made and broken...
      Friendships are created and destroyed...
      Trust no one...

      The Purge world will be open daily as of the posting of this article. The Purge itself will take place at a time TBD, but should occur after a week or two of initial play, and weekly after that at a regularly scheduled time.

      Please direct any questions to XGC Traitor XC.
      Rules and Notes can be found >HERE<
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      1. XGC Tantiliz XD's Avatar
        XGC Tantiliz XD -
        First night was a success!
      1. xLOTUS EFFECTx's Avatar
        xLOTUS EFFECTx -
        Sounds like fun
      1. MzzTemper84's Avatar
        MzzTemper84 -
        You would lol xLOTUS EFFECTx lol
      1. SYN Joltz's Avatar
        SYN Joltz -
        I did someyhing like this about a year ago on 360 with my clan and friends. It didnt go so well so im happy to see it worked with xg.
      1. XGC Glazitar's Avatar
        XGC Glazitar -
        i need to get in on this lol
      1. SYN Mr Deeds43's Avatar
        SYN Mr Deeds43 -
        I downloaded mine craft have no one to play it with and have no idea really how to play mine craft but i would be interested in having some people to play with if anyone would like to play and hang out id like to meet some more xg members feel free to add me SYN Mr Deeds43
      1. SYN Freya's Avatar
        SYN Freya -
        When will the next Purge occur? I have a bunch in my clan that would love to get in on this as well as myself would love to join the fun!
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