• Game with Fame Interview - KoG KAGE XS - Jan 2018

      KoG KAGE XS is the Game with Fame Guest of Honor for January 2018!
      KAGE is the leader of the XG Elites Team and has recently switched from SYN to KoG. He is also known for his inability to spell and his many nicknames given to him by XGC xTFLEMx XI and XGC x0 0 7x XI. I finally got to sit down with him and interview him. This is how it went:

      What was your first gamertag?

      What is your clan history?
      Recruited into XGC Havoc, worked up to captain, transferred to XGC Annihilation as a sergeant. Transferred into SYN Devil Dogs, promoted to General of SYN Brotherhood, split into SYN Apocalypse, split into SYN Envy 7, SYN Rockstars, then was promoted to XS. Was demoted to Sergeant in SYN Inferno, transferred to SYN Homicidal, worked to general. Moved to SYN Suicide and then changed name to SYN Royalty. Was repromoted to XS. Two weeks ago I was asked to move to KoG to help build KoG.

      Who recruited you? When?
      TjCorpse73 and XGC AngelofKaos, and XGC Bucs XS - May 2015

      What are a few characteristics that you believe every leader should have?
      - Assertiveness
      - Communication
      - Be able to motivate members

      What advice would you give to someone who wanted to move up into leadership?
      Do your job, have fun and play the game. Play with your members. If you're doing all that, it becomes easy.

      What made you want to get the Elites back up and running?
      Iím a super competitive gamer, and wanted to play more competitively. But it wasn't just me, it was a whole team effort to get it back up and running.

      What is your most memorable moment in XG?
      Second time being promoted to section leader. I proved that I could work on some things I needed to work on and I was progressing.

      If you were to disappear from the face of the planet, what would you want to be remembered for?
      My competitive spirit.

      What is one thing you try to stress to all gamers in XG?
      Get on the game and have fun.

      What is your favorite thing about Xiled Gaming?
      Where we can get on and game and not deal with people aren't enjoyable.

      What is the weirdest dream you ever had?
      Falling from a plane in the middle of the ocean.

      What got you into gaming?
      Black Ops 2. It was something that I could compete on and I could prove I was better.

      What is your biggest pet peeve when it comes to gaming?
      People not doing call outs or the call outs are inaccurate.

      What is the first game you ever played?
      Nintendo 64 - 007 Goldeneye.

      What made you want to move up in leadership?
      To make a difference in this community, to spread a positive influence. I had a little bit of a different view on leadership then a lot of people and wanted to bring that view to the table.

      You recently moved over to KoG from SYN. What are your plans for KoG? What are your goals over there?
      My plans for KoG is to have my clans to prove we were brought over here for a reason, and to help KoG grow.

      What are some plans you have for Xiled Gaming as a whole?
      To prove that we are the best community out there.

      Who would you attribute to who you are today in XG?
      XGC Bucs XS, XGC Karma XC, XGC Eminence XC, XGC Wreck XD

      What is the craziest thing youíve ever done?
      Skydiving and MMA Cage Fighting

      What is your favorite game?
      Rainbow 6: Siege

      How does it feel to be notoriously known as the Donut King?
      I laugh at people who think that.

      What nickname do you hate the most?
      Poop Cage

      What is something you have learned in the community that impacted your real life?
      Learning to have patience.

      What is your funniest moment in Xiled Gaming?
      Back in the day, when we used to take KoG Drifdar XSís Lieutenant Test. He would hold a water bottle up to his face so his voice would sound like he was so mad, but it was the funniest thing.

      If you could be any animal, what would you be and why?
      Lion, because I like to think Iím the best at things and I'm aggressive.

      Have you been binge watching anything lately?
      Iíve been binge watching The Ranch.

      If someone were to write a Yelp review about you, what would it say?
      That Iím aggressive and competitive, but I also know how to do my stuff correctly. And that Iím not Poop Cage like everyone says!

      If you could only choose one song to play every time you walked into a room for the rest of your life, what would it be?
      Right Above It All by Lil Wayne.

      Whatís your favorite 90ís song?
      Any Disturbed song.

      What is your favorite gaming food/drink?
      Mountain Dew and Gummy Bears

      What would you say is one thing you need to work on the most?
      Being more open with my peers.

      What is your greatest strength?
      Being able to handle almost every situation thatís thrown at me.

      What is your greatest weakness?
      My anger.

      Why is the grass green?
      Because the world made it that way.

      Come join myself and other members of the community in a Game with Fame Game Night featuring KoG KAGE XS on Saturday, January 27th, 2018at 8 PM EST on CoD: WW2.

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