• Community Promotion SYN 4x4

    Please help me in congratulating SYN 4x4 to the Position of Section Leader !!

    SYN 4X4 joined the community on 07-03-2016 , recruited into SYN Mafia, He proved to be a valuable asset to his clan, After Transferring to SYN SALVATION SYN 4x4 continued to show Exceptional leadership qualities, rising through the ranks to the General over SYN SALVATION SYN 4x4 Continued to show what is expected from a leader in this community, Now it Gives me Great pleasure to watch him earn the position of SECTION LEADER.

    Congratulations SYN 4x4 XS !!

    "A Leader is one who Knows the way, Goes the way, and Shows the way."
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    1. SYN SLICE's Avatar
      SYN SLICE -
      This promotion was meant to be-SYN 4x4 was my general and mentor through-out my career inside SYN SALVATION. I was proud to call him my leader General, and now my XS. I have seen plays and involved and play with his clan every time he is online. I hope i am able to hold his standard as a general. Congrats Brother.
    1. SYN CALVARY's Avatar
      Congratulations brother it’s about time you moved up.
    1. SYN KayKat XD's Avatar
      SYN KayKat XD -
    1. SYN DEEDS's Avatar
      SYN DEEDS -
      Congrats brother
    1. SYN RETRO XD's Avatar
      SYN RETRO XD -
    1. SYN 4X4 XS's Avatar
      SYN 4X4 XS -
      Thanks Everyone!
    1. IAmTheBatgirl94's Avatar
      IAmTheBatgirl94 -
      Congrats 4x4!!! I'm so proud of my XS triplet! we still need to celebrate with a game of zombies!
    1. SYN Jordan XD's Avatar
      SYN Jordan XD -
      Congratulations once again, sir!