• Rainbow Six: Siege Pro League Hosted by Xiled Gaming

      Welcome to the Rainbow Six: Siege Pro League Hosted by Xiled Gaming! This Xiled Gaming's largest event to date with a price pool of $500.00! Please make sure you have read the rules in it's entirety, before registering your team.

      What is the Rainbow Six: Siege Pro League (R6PL)?
      The Rainbow Six: Siege Pro League (R6PL) is a 16 team, 8 week event, with a predetermined pool play schedule. Starting on February 01, teams will compete every Thursday or Friday night for a chance to improve their overall record, and earn a spot in the R6PL playoffs.

      When does the R6PL start?
      The Rainbow Six: Siege Pro League begins Thursday, February 01

      Who can play in the Rainbow Six: Siege Pro League (RBPL)?
      The R6PL is open to all registered members of Xiled Gaming who have a community tenure of 30 days or longer.

      How do I register for the R6PL?
      Registration for the R6PL can be found HERE. Please make sure you have read the rules in it's entirety, before registering a team.
      The complete set of R6PL rules can be found HERE.

      Where can I watch the action?
      R6PL can be viewed LIVE at: Mixer.com/XiledGaming

      Have a question about the Rainbow Six: Siege Pro League or would like to be a monetary sponsor? Please contact XGC xTFLEMx XI via Private Message or XBL.
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