• Community Promotion: SYN x Bugz XS

    SYN x BugZ XS, upon entering the community after much convincing and even more ruining of KoG CAGE XSs & gameslayer1993s scorestreaks on the opposing team, he was recruited in SYN Inferno in December of 2016. With the hopes of turning the clan around from failing and turn it into a place where everyone wanted to be a part of. Shortly after Bugz recruiting skills paid off and he was then chosen to be the new Lt of the first squad split. Time past and a lot of changes happened with SYN Inferno which leads to BugZ being promoted to Captain. June 13, 2017, Bugz was promoted to General over SYN Inferno.

    On September 30, Bugz split SYN Inferno and took on a new clan name to the Xbox One named SYN Lust 7. Some more time has past and next thing you know SYN Lust 7 had split into SYN Wrath 7 on November 26, 2017.

    BugZ states that he was proud of the members/leadership that was underneath and above him and that he wouldnt be where he is today without them! Bugz owes every little bit of his success to the clans that he has been a part of! They give him the motivation and inspires him to be a better leader each day. Congratulation SYN x BugZ XS on your well-deserved promotion to Section Leader! Never forget where you came from and how you got here! Keep striving for greatness and also remember NO MEMBER LEFT BEHIND!!!
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    1. x L0TUS x's Avatar
      x L0TUS x -
      Congratulations Bugz!!!
    1. XGC Deeds's Avatar
      XGC Deeds -
      Thats my dawg congrats brother
    1. SYN APACHE's Avatar
      SYN APACHE -
      Good for you man. Congratulations on the well deserved promotion.
    1. IlIDaidanIlI's Avatar
      IlIDaidanIlI -
      Congrats bro! You deserve it
    1. KoG x BugZ XS's Avatar
      KoG x BugZ XS -
      Thank you everyone! I appreciate it! =)
    1. SYN RETRO XD's Avatar
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    1. zTWIIST3Dz's Avatar
      zTWIIST3Dz -
      Congrats Bugz
    1. SYN SNOW XD's Avatar
      SYN SNOW XD -
      Congratulations Bugz!
    1. KoG Cage's Avatar
      KoG Cage -
      Congrats my dude keep working
    1. KoG x BugZ XS's Avatar
      KoG x BugZ XS -
      Thanks again for the congratz! =)
    1. SYN Aquatic XS's Avatar
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    1. SYN x Golem's Avatar
      SYN x Golem -
      Woot woot BUGZZZZZZZZZZZ
    1. KoG Drifdar XS's Avatar
      KoG Drifdar XS -
      It was a total pleasure to have had you as one of my Generals. It was an even bigger pleasure to see you be promoted to Section Leader. You will go far, both here in the community, and in life. The XS looks good in your name. Congratulations!!!