• Community Promotion: Brinkman81056

    Brinkman joined the XG Community when he was recruited into XGC Atrocity XK back in September of 2015. However in April 2016 he made the transfer over to SYN into SYN Bloodline. He had had experiences with leadership before and was seeking to prove himself as a valuable member and leader in a clan when he transferred into SYN Homicidal from New Dynasty during November last year. When making this decision he was aware that the clan was not in the best of shape and was determined to prove himself and show that he has what it takes. Since joining homicidal he has worked together with myself as well as the other members to grow the clan and really get it back on it's feet again! There are still a lot of things he needs to learn but I know that he is eager to do so and hopefully he and the rest of his clan will continue to build SYN Homicidal back to it's full strength again!

    Please join me in congratulating Brinkman81056 on his promotion to general of SYN Homicidal
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