• Community Promotion: SYN ASIR

    I would like to congratulate syn asir in his promotion to general over syn gods
    he has work very hard in the community and has help syn salvation grow. He is a very great leader and is always there to help. And i know that he is not done teaching or helping this community grow. A promotion very well earn. Congrats keep up the great work.
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    1. KoG Retribution's Avatar
      KoG Retribution -
      Congratulations on your promotion. Everyone's see all the hard work you've put forth and you deserve this. Keep up the good work, ASIR.
    1. SYN KayKat XD's Avatar
      SYN KayKat XD -
    1. Rockerchick500's Avatar
      Rockerchick500 -
      Congrats to the best captain and the guy who helps everyone in his squad and is there for everyone. I hope the best for u key!!!! ��������
    1. SYN Hera's Avatar
      SYN Hera -
      Congrats Key!! You’ve worked so hard to build everyone up to where they need to be and help them with what they know. It’s such a great thing to happen seeing your captain even achieve his goal as a role model. Thanks for being such an amazing captain and I know you’ll be an awesome General.
    1. SYN Lewd's Avatar
      SYN Lewd -
      Congratulations ASIR!
    1. SYN 4X4 XS's Avatar
      SYN 4X4 XS -
      Its been a good run with you man, glad we could finally make this happen. We've accomplished so much in these last couple months and you've came so far. Your are going to be a great leader and great role model for your members to have!
    1. TyrantTeza's Avatar
      TyrantTeza -
      Im new but congratulations!
    1. N7SpecterGhost's Avatar
      N7SpecterGhost -
      Congrats bud.
    1. XGC Deeds's Avatar
      XGC Deeds -
      Congrats Key Finally got it man good job keep grinding
    1. SYN Boomerz's Avatar
      SYN Boomerz -
      Congratz there key. Wish I could have moved with you.
    1. SYN Jordan XD's Avatar
      SYN Jordan XD -
    1. LadyRed1738467's Avatar
      LadyRed1738467 -
    1. SYN HORUS's Avatar
      SYN HORUS -
      congrats bro u deserve it
    1. KoG Cage's Avatar
      KoG Cage -
      congrats man keep grinding the grind never stops
    1. SYN SNOW XD's Avatar
      SYN SNOW XD -
      Being a Leader is not a easy road to travel,, only through hard work , Effective Communication, & Strong determination for the better good of those you oversee will define you.

      Congratulations , you have truly earned this promotion.