• Congrats to XGC Beetlejuice on splitting XGC Titan's

    XGC Titan's -----> XGC Omega

    Congratulations to XGC Beetlejuice on his first clan split as General. XGC Titans was has split 17 members from their clan who mained Rainbow 6 Siege and have formed XGC Omega! TaxExclusives, the new General over XGC Omega, has done a very good job at leading his what use to be squad in XGC Titans. To be a good group of guys and girls who enjoy playing R6S and also leading them well. I wish both of you the best of luck to your clans and as successful as possible! Congrats again!!!
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      Congratulations on getting General. Keep up the good work
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      Congrats everyone involved!! Good work!
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