• Qualifying for ESL Major Leagues!

      XG Elites have been Invited!

      For the last six months, the XG Elites have been participating in weekly GoFour Tournaments. Their placement in these Tournaments, averaging in the top 50 against approximately 400 teams each weekend, have led to their invitation to compete in a Rainbow 6: Siege North American Open Qualifying Tournament for ESL Major Leauges!

      Beginning on Saturday, December 16th @ 1pm EST, the Top 100 out of 600 teams, will compete in a Best of 1 Tournament that consists of 8 rounds including 3 overtime rounds per match. Each round will start every hour on the hour. Teams can be expected to play for up to 12 hours as they advance until the Final Round where they will be playing Best of 3.

      The Top 4 teams will lock down their spot to compete in the ESL Major Leagues along with a Cash Prize.
      1st place will receive $5,000, 2nd place will receive $2,500, 3rd will receive $1,500, and 4th will receive $500 per team.

      XG Elites Alpha Squad will be participating with a team consisting of some of our best Elite Players

      XGE Cage
      XGE Fear Me
      XGE Hexxxx
      XGE Random
      XGE RaptorJesus
      XGE Vivian

      Tune in to Mixer.com/XiledGaming
      Broadcasting will start w/warm-ups one hour prior to the first round @ 12pm EST
      #SupportTheStream #SupportOurTeam #SupportXGE
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      1. XGC FxValis XD's Avatar
        XGC FxValis XD -
        Congratulations XG Elites on getting the invite. Great Job Representing the Community
      1. SYN TEXAS DEVIL's Avatar
        I'm overjoyed the XG Elites got up and running again. Time to Represent! Congrats guys!
      1. XGC WenTz's Avatar
        XGC WenTz -
        Hey Everyone,
        Congrats on having this opportunity hope you all have fun.
        Good Luck!
      1. XGC Gore's Avatar
        XGC Gore -
        Huge congrats. You guys got this!
      1. XCarpeNoct3mX's Avatar
        XCarpeNoct3mX -
        I know I'm late on this but congrats guys! That's a huge accomplishment!
      1. XGC Logistician's Avatar
        XGC Logistician -
        Wow, super big congrats to y'all.
      1. KoG Cage's Avatar
        KoG Cage -
        thanks everyone for the support so out the 3 trouments foe we have gotten 16th 18th and 30th it was fun but we keep work to get better
      1. XGC Minions's Avatar
        XGC Minions -
        Congrats guys, that's incredible news!!! Wish you all the best of luck
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