• Community Promotion: SYN Miss G New Clan: SYN Kingdom

    SYN Miss G joined this community back in February of this year into SYN Brotherhood. She originally left the community but soon enough she returned back home to SYN United - And we are all very glad she did! Through out her time here she has shown herself to be a friendly and supportive individual, always giving her best to the clan and contributing any ideas she has. That friendly and professional demeanour helped her rise through the ranks. With her dedication never wavering, Miss G never stopped continuing to bring in new members and to train her fellow clan mates whenever she could. It is through all her hard work and perseverance that she has made it to where she is today, so please join me in congratulating SYN Miss G on her promotion to general! Keep up the fantastic work!
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      SYN KayKat XD -
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      SYN Miss G -
      thank you!!!
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      SYN APACHE -
      Welcome To The General’s Club
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      SYN Jordan XD -
      Congrats on your promotion! Thank you for all that you do with making SYN great!
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      SYN Miss G -
      thank you!!!