• Community Promotion: SYN Gamerella

    I would like to congratulate SYN Gamerella on her promotion to General over The SYNdicate !

    SYN Gamerella was recruited into SYN Kings back in January 2016. That is where she learned her basic fundamentals of being a member of Xiled Gaming. Anyone could see her drive and dedication to becoming a stronger and better member. Her drive into wanting to know more and be a better member of the community. she has shown that he has exactly what it takes to shine as a leader in this community. Without a doubt she, has a very bright future in this community.

    With her determination and drive she soon split from SYN Kings to her own clan SYN Blood Lust Here is the place where she showed her true ability to grow and become a real leader in the community. When rising through the ranks showed she true greatness as a leader. Being able to unite the members of his squad as a captain, which lead to her becoming an even stronger general. She continued her growth as a leader in SYN Blood Lust, learning everything and anything she could from the leaders she would run across. She has shown great dedication to his members since day one.

    Gamerella has grown a great deal since we first met, as a leader and a person. She has been someone that I've seen potential in since day one. She has shown her true leadership ability, and the qualities it takes to lead a clan to success. The moral boost she brings to every party she is in is truly one of her greatest assets. I am very excited for her bright future in this community. With the hard work and dedication that she shows day in and out to his members and this community.

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      SYN Gamerella -
      Am i a him or her lol😂😂😂😂😂😂😂😂
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      XGC Noble HD -
      Congratulations on the promotion
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      SYN Gamerella -
      Thank you
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      bigdavid150 -
      congratulations i frist meet you in bloodlust love when we would play cod 2 zombies the memories ��
    1. SYN MAHIGAN's Avatar
      Congratulations I knew you would make it there again look always remember keep your head up and eyes straight forward towards your goals.
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