• Community Promotion: SYN TINNER New Clan: SYN Pitbulls

    SYN TINNER was recruited into XGC Cronderthal on May 20, 2007. Through all this time he grew in the community by becoming a captain and then a general twice. In 2015 he took some personal time away from the community. When he was able to become active again and contribute to the community. Upon his return he came to SYN Whiskey Company where he started his journey in leadership with this clan. When he was promoted to Captain, he was ready to take the clan to great places and worked hard with his squad.

    SYN TINNER has worked extremely hard to set his vision for his clan and to make it become a reality. He has really grown into the leadership positions he has acquired thus far and I have no doubt in the bright future he has with the community. After working so closely with him on numerous occasions, it gives me great pleasure in promoting him to General and opening a new clan in the name of SYN Pitbulls.

    SYN TINNER, you have come so far in the community and you have a rich history with this community as well. With the amount of hard work you put in and the positive attitude and personality you have, I am so excited to see the journey that is set out for you and SYN Pitbulls. As I said before, I have no doubt in the bright future you have ahead of you in the community and the great things you will do to contribute to the community and clan as a whole. Congratulations on a well-earned and well-deserved promotion. Keep up that positive attitude and the hard work! It's most definitely paying off.