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    Please help me congratulate XGC Sugar on her recent promotion to General over XGC Wise Guys, it is a well deserved promotion. She has been a great Captain and I see her doing great things as a General.
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    1. Epiphany of Jo's Avatar
      Epiphany of Jo -
    1. Vexsor's Avatar
      Vexsor -
      a bit late but...congrats!
    1. KoG ARES's Avatar
      KoG ARES -
    1. XGC TINTIGG XS's Avatar
      Congratz, nothing but good vibes , ull do great
    1. XGC SuicideKing's Avatar
      XGC SuicideKing -
      Congratulations happy for u
    1. XGC Noble HD's Avatar
      XGC Noble HD -
      Congratulations on General