• Community Promotion

    Community Promotion

    Attn XG: Please Help me congratulate XGC MADDxxRIDER on his Promotion to General Of XGC Charlie Company.
    He was Recruited in to XGC Charlie Company in 2017 by XGC XxRUBIIxX.
    He worked his way to Captain and then Continued to build a squad that represented what XG stood for.

    Congratulations MADDxxRIDER , i look forward to working with you as a General.
    Keep Up The Good Work..
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    1. XGC FxValis XD's Avatar
      XGC FxValis XD -
      Congratulation Madd
    1. XGC MadRider XS's Avatar
      XGC MadRider XS -
      Thank you valis means a lot to hear stuff like this
    1. Triple dibby69's Avatar
      Triple dibby69 -
      Congrats mad. Heck yeah brother.
    1. XGC MadRider XS's Avatar
      XGC MadRider XS -
      Thanks buddy
    1. XGC MadRider XS's Avatar
      XGC MadRider XS -
      You know I joined this clan to meet awesome people to game with and have fun with and I can say my squad,my recruits,my clan is awesome even if no more get on here to say anything I can say I've meet some fun people to game with
    1. XGC Rally's Avatar
      XGC Rally -
      Congrats MADD you deserve it .
    1. XGC Noble HD's Avatar
      XGC Noble HD -
      Congratulations on ur promotion Madrider. Yes there are really good people here you are right. I have been here for years and I have seen people come and go. The ones that stay end up being good people that we get to know and love at times. Sometimes we even go through the bad times as well but in the end are still there for u.