• New Valued Leaders in the community!

      We have some new Valued Leaders in the community ladies and gentlemen! Leaders who have been around for years and leaders who help make Xiled Gamiing what it is today. The leaders who will be representing the Valued Leader Award Banner goes to.......(Drum roll)....

      XGC Charley XS
      SYN Formal XS
      XGC Coop XD
      XGC Phantom XD

      Thank you for everything that you all do. Congratulations you all have earned it!
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      1. XGC Lizz XS's Avatar
        XGC Lizz XS -
      1. XGC Gore's Avatar
        XGC Gore -
        Congrats you guys!
      1. XGC BUCS XS's Avatar
        XGC BUCS XS -
        Congrats everyone! Well deserved indeed!!
      1. SYN DragonSoul's Avatar
        SYN DragonSoul -
      1. XGC Buffy XS's Avatar
        XGC Buffy XS -
        Congrats to all! Yay!
      1. SYN RaptorJesus's Avatar
        SYN RaptorJesus -
        Congrats everyone all well deserved !
      1. XGC Nobelizer's Avatar
        XGC Nobelizer -
      1. SYN Freya's Avatar
        SYN Freya -
        Congrats to everyone!
      1. oM Karizma's Avatar
        oM Karizma -
        whoot whoot congrats everyone.
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