• Community Promotion

    Community Promotion

    Attn XG: Please Help me congratulate XGC Othinus on his Promotion to General Of XGC Legacy ND.
    He was Recruited in to KoG Pandemic in around 2007-2008.
    He Join XGC Militia XK in 2016 to help build a strong clan. After XGC Militia XK switched to a SMITE CLAN he transferred to XGC Torment XK. There he would go on to build a fun gaming environment and a strong squad.
    Now he moves in to his next challenge building a Successful clan.

    Congratulations Othinus, i look forward to working with you as a General.
    Keep Up The Good Work..
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    1. XGC FxValis XD's Avatar
      XGC FxValis XD -
      Congratz Othinus. Keep up the great work