• Community Promotion of XGC Infidel

    Congratulations to XGC Infidel on his promotion to General in XGC DEDICATION it is well deserved. XGC Infidel was trying to join XGC Italians Army but was too young so he joined KOG Supremacy and worked his way up the ranks until he became general in KOG Exile Kings. From there he had to go inactive but then returned to kog and bounced around trying to find the right fit clan for him until he transferred to XGC Titans and was split off to XGC Unforgiven where he became a captain again and now his very own clan again. Again Congrats its well deserved and keep up the good work.
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    1. XGC FxValis XD's Avatar
      XGC FxValis XD -
      Congrats my friend.. About time lol great work
    1. XGC Craig's Avatar
      XGC Craig -
      Great job