• SOTW #3

      CONGRATULATIONS TO XGC WILLY2TOOTH ON WINNING SOTW #2! The theme was "Star Wars: rogue one"

      Here is the winning signature!

      PLEASE JOIN US FOR SOTW #3!!!! Voting thread is open now, this week's theme is "The elements (I.E. FIRE/WIND/WATER/EARTH)!!!
      While you're voting for one of these AWESOME signatures, Drop a vote for what you want to see in SOTW #5.

      Like to design?! ENTER NOW FOR SOTW #4! This SOTW's theme is "GREEK MYTHOLOGY"

      Please be sure to follow all the rules for the entries:
      1.) absolutely no animations
      2.) this is an anonymous contest, do not place names/gamertags on signatures.
      3.)Signatures must fall into the 500x200 px size
      4.) All designs must be PG-13 rated, as per site policy

      Submit all entries to XGC Touch XS NO LATER THAN 01/16/17

      >>>>CLICK ME TO GO TO SOTW<<<<
      Comments 4 Comments
      1. XGC DeadlyQueen's Avatar
        XGC DeadlyQueen -
        Congratulations Willy!! Great job.
      1. XGC Badger0202's Avatar
        XGC Badger0202 -
        Congrats M8 love Darth!
      1. XGC TINTIGG XS's Avatar
        XGC TINTIGG XS -
        Great job willy����✌
      1. XGC Sortie's Avatar
        XGC Sortie -
        Congratulations! This was an awesome movie too!
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