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      SYN LadyRebl XS

      I Need the Help of Everyone in XG!

      This is not a charity thing.

      This is just a simple request, so please keep reading!

      I'm currently in my second year of college, and...

      SYN LadyRebl XS Yesterday 05:15 AM
      SYN Ocala

      True Scary Story

      For those that don't know me, I am SYN Ocala.

      This happening in my life mortified me so much that I had repressed the memories until my younger brother had sent me a news article about a house we...

      SYN Ocala 12-08-2017 07:33 AM
      XGC Vero

      My return to XGC

      Well after my life got turned upside down I'm finally back on my feet. If it wasn't for my family within XGC things would not be where they are today. For that I am proud to be a member of one of the...

      XGC Vero 12-06-2017 07:51 PM
      Xend Pink Whale

      I'm Back.

      I am back after a long time. I am not going to go through and list excuses. I just looked and it looks like KoG Echo, my old group, is not on the list anymore. So where do I go now? If a member can...

      Xend Pink Whale 12-05-2017 09:04 PM
      SYN FierceOne

      I'm back!!

      It's been 5 months and I have returned, reformed. I look forward to making new friends and reconnecting with old ones. I really missed gaming with such a great community of people/gamers. Former...

      SYN FierceOne 12-05-2017 01:20 AM
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