• Community Promotion: KoG Fox // New Clan: KoG Firestorm

    Please help me in congratulating KoG Fox on his promotion to general over the new clan KoG Firestorm. This is a well deserved promotion. Also congratulations to BC Gamer 2000 for the split in KoG Oblivion.
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    1. KoG EXILE XD's Avatar
      KoG EXILE XD -
      Back on top Fox. Good to see brother.
    1. KoG Jehuty's Avatar
      KoG Jehuty -
    1. KoG Hawk XS's Avatar
      KoG Hawk XS -
      Congrats Fox, good to see you up at the Generals spot. Lets see how far you can go bud!
    1. Sam is a M00se's Avatar
      Sam is a M00se -
      GG, Fox. GG indeed.
    1. Abscondment's Avatar
      Abscondment -