• Community Promotion: SYN YOUMAD

    I would like to congratulate SYN YOUMAD on his promotion to General over SYN Homicidal!

    SYN YOUMAD, formerly known as SYN Cage was recruited into XGC Havoc back in May of 2015. Over there is where he learned his basic fundamentals of being a member of Xiled Gaming. Though his time in XGC was not overly long it gave him the skill set to come to SYN and become a rising star.
    Once transferred to SYN he was placed in SYN Devil Dogs. Here is the place where he showed his true ability to grow and become a real leader in the community. While he spent time in Devil Dogs he helped the clan reach a clan split to bring SYN Brotherhood to SYN. Which was the first of many splits to come. While this growth continued he had a very colorful history in SYN, he knew he still had more in him.
    SYN YOUMAD came to SYN Homicidal when this clan was at a low point. He worked with the scapes of what remained of this clan. He assisted in building this clan into what it is today. Homicidal has successfully completed one split and continues to grow stronger and bigger by the day.

    Also a big congratulations to all of the members of SYN Homicidal without your dedication and the very hard work you put into this clan day in and day out neither YOUMAD or myself would be where we are at. So congratulations to all of you in everything you've accomplished and making this clan the powerhouse it is.

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      Congrats, keep up the good work. Always happy to hear members help groups bounce back after reaching a low point. Keep up the awesome work!
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      Mr Cage! Congrats bruder
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      Congrats, Cage!