• Community Promotion: SYN Commentator

    SYN Commentator. He is exactly what his name states. If you are looking for a good laugh during a custom game or any game rather, he is your guy to give you some laughs while he commentates throughout the whole thing. He makes it fun in a sports-like feel kind of way.

    Commentator joined the community back in August 2015 and was recruited into SYN Bloodlust. He basically plowed his way through the ranks and worked hard to earn his way into leadership. When he became Lieutenant in Bloodlust, he then changed his name to SYN Commentator because of his commentating ability. Things fell through with his then captain and he was able to take over in the captain seat. He was and still is a mass recruiter within the community and had recruited a lot of good people into the clan which lead to his first squad split. When his then General was promoted to XS (SYN Estrella XS), he took over the General seat in her place. Due to personal reasons, he had stepped down as General to figure things out but still remained in SYN Bloodlust. He still remains in Bloodlust to this day and I find that very admirable that he has the loyalty to stick to one clan in the community because of the tight-knit family vibe that they have. The loyalty shown there is absolutely amazing.

    I haven't known Commentator that long, but I do know that I am in for a good laugh every time he is in my lobby. When I had promoted him to Captain, he took matters into his own hands and tried to get control of all the small issues with the forum and with his squad and alleviate them. He is a very good leader and I know that with him taking over the General's seat again, he will do awesome things with Bloodlust. I couldn't be happier to pass that torch to him.

    So, in conclusion, I would ask that all of you please give a round of applause for SYN Commentator as he takes over the General's seat for SYN Bloodlust! I am very proud of you and am excited to see what great things you endeavor with the clan. Congratulations on a job well done.
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    1. MR705TORONTo's Avatar
      MR705TORONTo -
      Yeah buuuudddyy! Congrats brother
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      Quote Originally Posted by SYN GOHAN View Post
      Yeah buuuudddyy! Congrats brother
      I'm in here baby
    1. SYN Enlightened's Avatar
      SYN Enlightened -
      Congratulations still remember the first time we gamed epic
    1. Overhandbasher1's Avatar
      Overhandbasher1 -
      Ive only been in one lobby with commentator, and would like to be in the same lobby again because, he made me laugh so hard in that lobby i was in with him!
    1. KoG Hawk XS's Avatar
      KoG Hawk XS -
      Congrats bud, always good to hear about loyalty because it's hard to find these days!
    1. SYN SNOW XD's Avatar
      SYN SNOW XD -
      Congrats Man!!! You had me laughing so hard i had to put down the darn controler, almost pissed myself !!
      Good things happen to good people, and Commentator your good people. .your hysterical to game with,, i look forward to the next time we game brother.
    1. SYN Entice's Avatar
      SYN Entice -
      Great job. I know how hard you worked to get there. Congratulations. <3
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