• Community Promotion: SYN VeeVee

    Miss Vee. If you haven't already met her, you need to. She is enough to brighten anyone's day... no joke. Her trash talk rage in games is undeniably incredible and instantly puts a smile on your face or has you on your butt laughing. Aside from that, she's just an all-around good person to be around and shows an immense amount of exceptional leadership.

    SYN JEROMY XS, FoxG1rl98, and I were in a clan with her outside the community before joining SYN. When we left our previous clan, Jeromy, FoxG1rl98 and I joined SYN and Vee decided to try to take her path elsewhere and became a co-founder of a clan. She did well with it but decided that it just was not what she wanted for herself. She had heard me talk about SYN and the way things were here and after a long time of soul searching with herself, she decided she wanted to join SYN. I, as well as a few other members, were more than willing to welcome her with open arms.

    I'm glad she decided to join. She had a bit of a rough start because real life was becoming overwhelming for her but once she started gaming full time again, she hit the ground running. She offered a helping hand in any way that she could and she tried to soak in as much information about the community as she could. She still does both of those things. She had asked me one day "How do I recruit?" I gave her a few pointers as well as other members in the community adding in their pointers and she became a recruiting machine!! She made sure that every recruit felt like they were at home and nothing she did ever effected the clan negatively. Nothing but success! Like I said, she is an awesome leader!

    I've had the pleasure to watch her grow from a recruit into a fantastic leader and have the utmost amount of respect and appreciation for her.

    So, at this time, I would love for all of you to join me in congratulating SYN VeeVee on becoming the new General over SYN Supernova!! You have worked SO HARD to get here and I know you will do great things, Vee. I'm extremely proud of you!
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    1. MR705TORONTo's Avatar
      MR705TORONTo -
      Congrats VEEVEE!!
    1. SYN VeeVee XS's Avatar
      SYN VeeVee XS -
      thank you ^^
    1. SYN Entice's Avatar
      SYN Entice -
      Omg VeeVee that is great to hear. Congratulations
    1. Overhandbasher1's Avatar
      Overhandbasher1 -
      Dude veevee's trash talk cracks my *** up!!! Im all the time sayin somethin she says when she trash talks. The one thing i like to say that she says is "oh go suck your moms ****!" Makes me laugh instantly!
    1. Overhandbasher1's Avatar
      Overhandbasher1 -
      Id like to add, good job veevee!!!
    1. SYN VeeVee XS's Avatar
      SYN VeeVee XS -
      thanks everyone sure basher
    1. Overhandbasher1's Avatar
      Overhandbasher1 -
      What do you mean sure? I was just saying that i like being in your lobby...
    1. KoG Hawk XS's Avatar
      KoG Hawk XS -
      Keep up the fantastic job, It's good to hear there are capable leaders all around the community taking an interest and being leaders and helping this community grow. Also good to hear that trash talking still can be fun!
    1. Abscondment's Avatar
      Abscondment -