• Happy Birthday Xiled Gaming

      XG Birthday Bash Extravaganza

      The Xiled Events Team is inviting you, the community, to join us in celebrating Xiled Gaming being here, growing strong, for 11 great years! This will take place on Wednesday, January 4th, starting at 8pm EST. There will be multiple Game Nights being held on multiple consoles!

      Bring your clan members, bring your friends, come meet new people and celebrate this great community that we all love!

      The Game Nights will be hosted as listed below:
      ::::XBOX 360::::
      CoD: Black Ops II : Hosted by DeadlyGirl10, KoG Joltz, SYN xxAllyCatxx, & SYN GETGOOD FAM
      ::::XBOX ONE::::
      CoD: Infinite Warfare : Hosted by XGC Willy2Tooth, XGC Lizz XS, XGC Craig, & XGC Chicago XS
      CoD: Remastered : Hosted by XGC Tantaliz XD, XGC Taurus XS, & SYN OogieBoogie
      Battlefield 1 : Hosted by SYN Zachman XD
      TitanFall 2 : Hosted by XGC Charley XS & KoG OffRoad XS
      Halo 5 : Hosted by XGC Darq XS & XGC Ghost Wolf

      Please message hosts of each event to ensure an invite
      Thank you to the Xiled Design Team & XGC Charley XS for the graphic
      Comments 13 Comments
      1. XGC FxValis XD's Avatar
        XGC FxValis XD -
        This sounds like a lot of fun, I wish I could make a weekday event..
      1. XGC Touch XS's Avatar
        XGC Touch XS -
        I encourage everyone to come out and have some fun!!!
      1. XGC Buffy XS's Avatar
        XGC Buffy XS -
        Can't wait!!
      1. XGC Taurus XS's Avatar
        XGC Taurus XS -
        If you have any questions please hit up the hosts or me or Tantaliz! Can't wait for the fun!!
      1. MR705TORONTo's Avatar
        MR705TORONTo -
        I'll be there!
      1. XGC TwIsTiD's Avatar
        XGC TwIsTiD -
        Sounds like a blast. I'm in
      1. XGC Cavity's Avatar
        XGC Cavity -
        im in for infinite
      1. XGC ANGEL's Avatar
        XGC ANGEL -
        I play IW I'm game
      1. SYN Yager Snake's Avatar
        SYN Yager Snake -
        Happy Birthday Xiled Gaming. Much love from Samurai
      1. KoG EXILE XD's Avatar
        KoG EXILE XD -
        It was a good night. Thanks to all of those who hosted and participated.
      1. BKG THE VIPER's Avatar
        BKG THE VIPER -
        Hi my name is BKG THE VIPER AND I was just wondering if I could get more information on XGC like your blacklisted clans and members /players please and thank you can reach me at MR_WarG God bless you all
      1. BKG THE VIPER's Avatar
        BKG THE VIPER -
        Hi my name is BKG THE VIPER I was just wondering if I could get more information on XGC like your blacklisted clans and members/player please contact me at MR_WarG thank you and God bless you all
      1. SYN Trigz's Avatar
        SYN Trigz -
        man I missed out on all the fun... smh! next year
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