• How To Recruit

      How To Recruit

      It doesn’t matter where in Xiled Gaming you are located (XGC, KOG, SYN). Everything included in this post is for you. One of the biggest things members are confused about, and may need help with, is recruiting.

      There are many reasons why recruiting is not done properly. One reason is that people are simply recruiting to build up their clans as fast as possible for personal glory. It does not work this way! You will be more recognized and respected by taking the proper time to recruit quality members. Taking the proper time to find the right people is necessary to build a well-established and organized clan.

      Another reason why people are recruiting improperly is because they are not trained correctly. Everyone is allowed to inform a possible recruit of what Xiled Gaming is and what we stand for. This is not necessarily up to the captains or generals of a clan. Captains and Generals need to take the time to teach Sergeants and Lieutenants how to recruit properly. Take these people into a room with the captains and/or generals guidance, let them do the recruiting process and fill in anything they miss so they hopefully won’t miss it the next time. Therefore, when they are ready for a promotion they will already know how to recruit properly. Also, once they have mastered the art of recruiting, they will be able to teach the members of lower rank their learned skills. If a recruit or private in your clan brings a “possible” recruit to your attention, let that individual do the recruiting process him or herself.

      An additional reason that members are being recruited improperly is because some individuals just don’t care. This scenario does not happen often, but it is still a big enough concern that it needs to be addressed. Sometimes, Captains and Generals will simply bring in whomever they want regardless of the clans best interests. This is just simply laziness and carelessness. If you hold a position in Xiled Gaming, no matter what rank you are, you are to uphold your end of the bargain by making Xiled Gaming as great of a gaming community as we possibly can. You are not in such a position to mess things up within the clan by not caring who you bring in. If Captains are doing this, then General's need to have a better sense of who is coming in and out of their clans. For those of you in a General position who refuse take control of the situation or if you are guilty of doing it yourselves and refuse to change, you need to rethink your position as a general.

      Now, that you have learned the reasons why people are not recruiting properly let's look at how to properly recruit somebody.

      How/Where to look: Generally, it is helpful to go into matchmaking by yourself or with one other person. Another tip is to constantly be showing off your XG clan tag by wearing it into matchmaking to recruit. The best games to go into are any games where teamwork is necessary, such as Domination and Search & Destroy. Also be sure to check out the Xbox Clubs! Gamers are always looking for groups to be apart of.

      How to present yourself: Remember that in every game, whether you are recruiting or not, you want to make a positive impression on people by being a professional gamer at all times and by saying good luck, good kill, and good game. Be polite and don’t react negatively to people who display the meaner side of “the gamer” such as being rude and/or cheating. Remember, it’s a game, so have fun!

      What to look for: During a game, look for individuals that fit the profile we are looking for. Gamers that display sportsmanship, respect, and fair play to other gamers. These are the main things to look for.

      The Action Plan: Once you have found people that display these characteristics, you should ask them to join your game or join their game. Play a few games with them, get to know them a little bit, just see what they are all about. If they continue to display everything you had seen from them in prior games throw in questions like “Where are you from?” “How old are you?” and “How often do you play?” Keep in mind your divisions age requirement! Gamers 16 and older can join KoG and SYN. Gamers 18 and older can join XGC or any other division. If they are younger than 16 they can not join XG.

      If they play on a regular basis, this is an individual who would be a good contribution to your clan. You need the members in your clan to be online on a regular basis. This doesn’t mean don’t recruit people if they can only come online on weekends. Now that you have completed these suggested steps, you will bring up the idea of joining a great online gaming community that is the largest, most professional, and organized of any kind on XBOX LIVE. If they believe that this is something they may be interested in or something they would like to be a part of, this is where you will start the recruiting process.

      In addition, Xiled Gaming has a Gamer Zone for each and every type of Gamer out there.
      • XGC, or Xiled Gaming Clan, is for 18 years of age and older, this is considered a Mature Recreational Gamer Zone,
      • SYN, or SYNdicate, is for 16 years of age and older, but it is for those gamers that consider themselves underground, meaning they’re not afraid to talk trash and are more aggressive in the games they play.
      • KoG, or Kings of Gaming, is for 16 years of age and older, they follow the exact same Honor Code as XGC but they are considered Family Zone Gamers.

      The Recruiting Process: After completing the previous steps, you are now moving on to the most crucial part. By the time you are done talking with the new member (which should take anywhere from 15-30 mins) they should (1) be familiarized with Xiled Gaming and the clan they will be joining (2) be registered on www.xiledgaming.com within a week of recruitment. You want to make sure that you are speaking to the new member in an upbeat and motivating tone. These things are a “must” when speaking to an individual who is in the process of becoming a member of XG as a recruit.

      • The Honor Code must be read to them verbatim and they must understand it and know it.

      • They should be told details about XG such as: how long we have been a recognized clan, what we stand for, and most importantly, you must stress the fact that we are extremely professional, organized, and respected. Also, explain that we do not have any affiliation with any other major clan on XBOX LIVE such as KSI, PMS, FSI or MOB, in any way shape or form. We are our own entity and are neutral to all other clans.

      • They need to know the ranking structure and how it works. Explain the chain of command as well as what each position means and what it takes to get promoted. Another thing is to include what the XS’s, XD’s, XC’s and XI’s mean at the end of some member’s names. Also, explain that once they reach sergeant, with permission from a section leader or higher, they will then be eligible for an XGC, SYN, or KoG tag.

      • They need to be informed of the meetings and practices the clan holds, when they are, and that all members are expected to be there.

      • They must be informed of the website and that they must register on it within a week of recruitment and read through it. In addition, they must be informed of the forums and how they should be used as a great tool for communication.

      • Last but certainly not least, remind them that we are all here to have fun and have a good time!

      There is a lot of good information included in this article. Once you get this down pat and pass it on to others, it will take very little time to do. It really doesn’t take much to build up a successful squad/clan with members who are involved consistently, take an interest and have great sense of pride in what Xiled Gaming stands for. In no time, with some effort and the guidance of this article, you will be able to build up very successful squads and become more successful individually. With Xiled Gaming extinguishing improper recruiting methods and getting additional members into our community, we will upgrade morale and the amount of people that are participating. With us all taking part in improving our recruiting, Xiled Gaming will continue to develop into what is already the greatest online community known on XBOX LIVE.
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      1. XGC TwIsTiD's Avatar
        XGC TwIsTiD -
        Very helpful and informative thank you for this post.
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        xoxBabyBluesxox -
        Great article Em
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        XGC BUCS XS -
        Nicely done sir!
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        SYN Indy XS -
        Great post! Very informative!
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        SYN Tigris -
        im addin this to my notes lol. well, the summarized version anyway lol
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        XGC Buffy XS -
        Thank you for this, super helpful!
      1. SYN TEUFLEHUNDN's Avatar
        Great article. I plan on reading this to my squad at our next meeting.
      1. Catmandan1's Avatar
        Catmandan1 -
        Am I on the NO-RECRUITMENT list? Nobody seems to have the guts to tell me whether I am or I'm not??
      1. SYN Hyperbolic's Avatar
        SYN Hyperbolic -
        I find that it helps just to run a player card that says JOIN SYN and my clan name
      1. BKG THE VIPER's Avatar
        BKG THE VIPER -
        Hi my name is BKG THE VIPER AND I was just wondering if I could get more information on you guys like your blacklisted clans and members please hit me up on my kik MR_WarG thank you and God bless you all
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        XGC Badger0202 -
        Thank you for the info!
      1. XGC DRILLER's Avatar
        XGC DRILLER -
        Thank You for the time and effort you put into this post, it has helped me better understand the method of Recruiting the right people as I'm sure others will agree.
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        KoG Foley -
        great post, i have referred many people to this post!
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        SYN IamJ3ZUZ -
        Exerllant info , i thankyou 4 this post
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