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      Valued Leader Award

      Do you know a leader who has made a difference? A leader who has made an impact? A leader who took the time to teach you everything you know? Then this is your opportunity to nominate them into the Leader of The Month Poll (Valued Leader Award). You the member will be given the opportunity to have your voice heard. You will post the leader of your choice (XS and up) and a brief description why you feel they deserve the title of Valued Leader.

      Congratulations to SYN Drifdar XD, KoG RUSTY XD, XGC Wreck XD, SYN JEROMY XS, SYN Sappy XS, and SYN BOOBADY XS on winning the Valued Leader Award.

      Have you not seen someone you posted about on a poll? Its time to re-nominate the leaders and post about that leader. Posts before 11-23-16 will need to be posted again in order for the leader of your choice to be nominated again. Go to the Who should be Valued Leader thread and post away.>>>CLICK HERE Valued Leaders<<<
      Comments 18 Comments
      1. SYN KayKat XS's Avatar
        SYN KayKat XS -
        Congrats to all who won. Well deserved!
      1. SYN Hyperbolic's Avatar
        SYN Hyperbolic -
        Nice! Congrats Everyone!
      1. XGC Nitrous786's Avatar
        XGC Nitrous786 -
        Congrats to everyone that won.
      1. SYN HOOT HOOT's Avatar
        SYN HOOT HOOT -
        Congrats everyone!!!
      1. ribon66's Avatar
        ribon66 -
        Congratulations everybody!
      1. SYN SNOW XS's Avatar
        SYN SNOW XS -
        Congratulations Valued Leader Wieners !!!!,,, I mean WINNERS.

        You Work very hard for this community every day, putting in countless selfless hours making it a place to call home, I'm proud to be a part of it , and I owe that to you. thank you, Congratulations my friends.
      1. XGC BUCS XS's Avatar
        XGC BUCS XS -
        Congrats to all who won Valued Leader!
      1. XGC Goddess XS's Avatar
        XGC Goddess XS -
        Congrats to all!
      1. XGC TINTIGGER's Avatar
        well deserved, look forward to gaming with you all in the near future
      1. XposionX01's Avatar
        XposionX01 -
        Congrats to yall. Yall have made this a great place to be. It wouldn't be the same without all the hard work that yall put forth into this community <3
      1. SYN Snowangel's Avatar
        SYN Snowangel -
        congrats guys yall deserved it yall are great leaders i truly look up to you
      1. KoG Hawk XS's Avatar
        KoG Hawk XS -
        Congrats to wveryone who won. No brainer saying these are all well deserved.
      1. Epiphany of Jo's Avatar
        Epiphany of Jo -
        Congratulations everyone. I am glad to see you all made it to the winners seat. ^_^
      1. PrimEvil101's Avatar
        PrimEvil101 -
        Great job keep up the good work
      1. SYN Yager Snake's Avatar
        SYN Yager Snake -
        Congratulations everyone that won
      1. SYN Lightn97 XS's Avatar
        SYN Lightn97 XS -
        congrats to everyone
      1. XGC SPAWN LOKEN's Avatar
        voting for XGC TOUCH XS
      1. XDC Dragonreborn813's Avatar
        XDC Dragonreborn813 -
        Congratulations everyone!
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