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      Every day we get closer and closer to the big game releases this year. Dues Ex: Mankind Divided, Destiny: The Rise Of Iron, Gears of War 4, CoD: Infinite Warfare and Skyrim Special Edition just to name a few that I'm interested in. Which games do you look forward to the most? Why? Drop your opinions in the comments below.

      So, it’s that time again. This week the Community Spotlight will be about KoG Shark XS. First off, go to Shark’s profile page at your own peril because my tablet couldn’t handle all of those banners! On a serious note, Shark has made a name for himself as a reliable friend in the community. Always there to lend a helping hand no matter the favor or problem. Those who know him will tell you that Shark is a great person and he is definitely a true benefit to have in this community. So if you see him make sure you let him know that we appreciate his hard work and the dedication he has put into the community!

      Community creations can be submitted here. You can submit content related to the community. Things such as screenshots/clips off the xbox, YouTube videos, drawings, custom images, etc. The more submissions, the more will be added.

      Rainbow 6 Siege Clutch

      CoD: Black Ops 2 Game Night

      CoD: Black Ops 3

      It's okay Blue. We're here for you.

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      1. KoG EXILE XD's Avatar
        KoG EXILE XD -
        Another good read. Thank you Shark for all that you do brother. The KoG page looks sick. You should be very proud to be a part of that. People will now see your work for a long time.
      1. KoG Hawk XS's Avatar
        KoG Hawk XS -
        You make me so proud shark. Maybe someday ill bestow the title of jaws upon you. Until then its mine ��
      1. CDNBossLady's Avatar
        CDNBossLady -
        lol nice screen shot grab Em! That was the 2nd 1000 in less than 24 hours that I saw.
      1. XGC Taurus XS's Avatar
        XGC Taurus XS -
        Good job Shark !!! My dude !!
      1. KoG EnVyUs's Avatar
        KoG EnVyUs -
        Cod4 truly favorite and will be pwning 24/7 on it Mafia III just for the campaign infinite warfares zombies look pretty cool with the disco map For Honor looks badass if you like games like skyrim but better and Ghost recon wildlands thats what I'll be playing this year
      1. XGC Buffy Anne's Avatar
        XGC Buffy Anne -
        I'm super excited for Gears 4, ReCore, and Scalebound whenever it is going to come out. Might try out Battlefield 1 and Titanfall 2 as well.
      1. A IS FOR ALKY's Avatar
        A IS FOR ALKY -
        Battlefield 1, Titanfall 2, COD, Skyrim, and Destiny Rise Of Iron, just to name a few off the top of my head, but believe me there will be much more I'm sure...

        Also, congratulations to Shark, I've not been here long enough to meet him but the high praise speaks for itself.
      1. XGC BUCS XS's Avatar
        XGC BUCS XS -
        As much as i call myself a "COD" player, im super excited for Battlefield 1! Just can't get over the realism! Hopefully the actual game play is as impressive as the graphics...
      1. XGC Infidel's Avatar
        XGC Infidel -
        Super stoked for gears of war 4 and Halo wars 2! Bit of a weird combo I know haha, but after hours of strategizing and tactically out doing your enemy's it's always good to kick back and mindlessly chainsaw waves of bad guys in horde of beat some poor soul to death with his own arm
      1. XGC Infidel's Avatar
        XGC Infidel -
        Also shout out to XGC Bullethed!! That's my General and I'm so proud at how much he's improved since switching to bo3 from halo 5.
      1. SYN Indy XS's Avatar
        SYN Indy XS -
        I'm excited for Battlefield 1 and Rise of Iron
      1. XGC STiMaddicT's Avatar
        XGC STiMaddicT -
        I'm here representing titanfall2! 10 days

        Look forward to seeing you around Shark keep it up!
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