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      First off, I want to apologize for not publishing The Xiled Weekly last week. I was terribly busy.

      A lot has happened since the last article. KoG is back in black with a new forum theme and a new banner. It's all pretty badass, check it out here. They also have some new leaders, as well as a new age requirement. As with with every change there are people who don't want to let go of the past. So I offer you this quote by Robin Sharma, "Change is hard at first, messy in the middle and gorgeous at the end". It might be hard, it might be messy, but in the end it will all be worth it.

      Lets do a double Spotlight this week. Everyone, meet SYN Nuke and SYN Squinto.

      SYN Nuke is a Captain in SYN Outlaws. She has been grabbing a lot of attention for her ability to attract people. She has shown this most prominently in her recruiting ability. Twenty Seven recruits are credited towards her alone. This is impressive by itself and it has been showing everyone the character and work ethic she has brought into the community.

      Squinto is the General over SYN Destruction and, just like Nuke, has shown himself as the type of gamer that people love to play with. When his General had to go inactive Squinto stepped up to the plate and kept the clan going. Consequently, he earned a promotion to General. Squinto is a proven hard worker and a perfectionist.

      If you get the chance to meet either of these great leaders, make sure you tell them good job and to keep up the hard work!

      Community creations can be submitted here. You can submit content related to the community. Things such as screenshots/clips off the xbox, YouTube videos, drawings, custom images, etc. The more submissions, the more will be added.

      1v5 Clutch: XGC Bagginz
      Iron Banana
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      1. KoG EXILE XD's Avatar
        KoG EXILE XD -
        Nice read. Good job Eminence. The quote you put is perfect. There are a great group of people in this community. KoG has a great group of people as well that represents what XG stands for and we are excited for the future.
      1. KoG RUSTY XD's Avatar
        KoG RUSTY XD -
        Well said EM, good stuff bro!
      1. SYN Tigris's Avatar
        SYN Tigris -
        I can say that I have been there. I know what it means to not want to change things. I can now say that I am starting to get used to it and see that they are for the good. Perfect quote
      1. XGC GUILTYJOKER's Avatar
        I really like that quote it fits very well
      1. KoG Harley's Avatar
        KoG Harley -
        Love reading this
      1. KoG Hawk XS's Avatar
        KoG Hawk XS -
        KoG Theme is looking pretty sexy. Also really enjoyed the quote!
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