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    by Published on 04-12-2007 02:00 AM  Number of Views: 632 

    Avatars and Signatures are provided to allow members to add a custom/personal touch to their Posts. There are a few guidelines which all members must follow, remember this is a privilege.

    • No nudity, violent, graphic, illegal or racist images/logos/words. Please keep it PG-13.
    • No derogatory, or offensive Avatars/Signatures are allowed.
    • Avatars are limited to 150x150 pixels in size with a maximum file size of 102kb.
    • Profile pics are limited to 250x250 pixels in size with a maximum file size of 204kb.
    • Signatures are limited to 500x200 pixels in size with a maximum file size of 120kb (File size does not apply if linked and not imported).
    • All forum members are allowed to upload one (1) image and up to five (5) lines of text for use in signatures.
    • Signatures linking to a business are not allowed unless approved by the Council.
    • Avatars or Signatures containing references to drugs, and/or drug use is not allowed (unless for legitimate drug awareness purposes) and will be deleted without prior notice.

    Forum members found to be in violation of these requirements will be issued a warning and the offending Avatar/Signature removed.

    Second offense will result in the member loosing the Avatar/Signature privilege for a period of time, and possible further punishment.

    Leadership has final say in what is acceptable on all Avatars/Signatures. This issue is not up for debate, and all decisions are final. These rules are subject to change without notice.