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    XGG members will display a professional gaming demeanor at all times. Any match a XGG member participates in should observe the rules of Fair Play, Sportsmanship and Respect. As a XGG member, you not only represent yourself but XGG as a whole.

    XGG is an all girl community made up of gamers of any age. As a member of XGG, you have the ability to play with and recruit gamers of any age.

    All XGG members must register on the website within one week of their recruitment to remain in XGG. As a registered member, you will have access to the Forums and the Gaming Ladder (www.PWNZONE.com) along with many other great sites. New members must read and accept the Honor Code and Rank Structure.

    All XGG members are encouraged to share any issues or ideas through the Chain of Command and with The Council of Leaders ANYTIME! The leaders of XILED GAMING believe in the open door policy and encourage members to use it.

    New members will NOT be allowed to change their gamer tag until reaching the rank of Sergeant and receiving approval from a Section Leader or higher.

    XGG members CANNOT be apart of any other gaming communities/clans! Any and all gamer tags must be either in XGG clans or in none at all. XGG does NOT have ANY alliances with other gaming communities/clans! XGG will remain friendly and professional with ALL gaming communities at all times! ZERO TOLERANCE! If a XGG member leaves, they are NOT allowed back. In the event of a member wanting to come back, each situation will be looked at by the COUNCIL/Division Leaders on a case-by-case basis.

    Violation of the Honor Code will earn a Gamer a warning; two warnings and you will be banned from the community. Members caught purposely cheating and/or participating in manipulated online play will be immediately banned. No exceptions!

    Honor Code violations consist of trash talking, t-bagging, discrimination, racism, sexism, harassment, illegal drugs, cheating, poaching, squad deranking or any other aggressive behavior toward fellow online gamers. Cheating is defined as any manipulation of online play; this includes, but is not limited to modding, bridging, stand-bying, forcing host, action replay, glitching / super jumping in match making / ranked games to gain an unfair advantage, playing online custom / ranked games with Modders, and circle boosting. Every situation is different and will be handled appropriately on a case by case basis.

    BOTTOM LINE!!! Have fun, play games, and network with other gamers that share the same interest. At the end of the day, it is after all just a game!