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    SYN Freya XS

    News Team Application

    Thread Starter: SYN Freya XS

    News Team Consideration and Application Format

    Applications should be the only posts in this thread. If you are wanting to submit a one-time

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    Grass Wasn't Greener

    Thread Starter: AnotherBritt

    1. What division were you in? SYN

    2. Which gaming console did you play? Xbox 360

    3. What clan were you in? Resistance

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    Irish J3d1

    Looking to join KoG!

    Thread Starter: Irish J3d1

    I have finally decided to join a clan. I am hoping KoG can give me the gaming brotherhood in which I seek.

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    XGC Buffy XS

    [Xbox 360] Captain's Class 1.20.18

    Thread Starter: XGC Buffy XS

    What: Captains Class
    Date: Saturday, January 20th
    Time: 9:00 PM EASTERN
    Where: Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 Lobby
    Open Spots:

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    KoG CaN kiLL

    KoG CaN kiLL

    Thread Starter: KoG CaN kiLL

    User Name/XBL GamerTag: KoG CaN kiLL
    Clan Name: KoG aerona
    Rank: lieutenant
    Gamer Division: (XGC, SYN, KoG, XGG, XDC): KoG

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    Syn gods

    Thread Starter: SYN ASIR

    Type of Banner clan banner
    2. Name and Additional Text SYN GODS
    3. Theme of Banner Egyptian gods
    4. Color Scheme BLACK AND RED

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