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      Hello everyone! Welcome back to our great site! Xiled Gaming is currently under construction. We have been using vB for years and it was finally time for an update. What you see is just the beginning! We spend a lot of time and money on the site and we appreciate all of your contributions to the community and site! Please help us by calling out any errors and letting us know of any changes that need to be made. Once again thanks for being one of our great members and please continue to enjoy our community. We are glad to have you!

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      1. xHEDMAN77x's Avatar
        xHEDMAN77x -
        Glad to be apart of this amazing community
      1. XGC Raker65's Avatar
        XGC Raker65 -
        Looks good. Is there a specific area to post comments about errors we see, or suggestions about the layout??
      1. KoG Mufasa's Avatar
        KoG Mufasa -
        Wow is it ever confusing!
      1. XGC Famiglia's Avatar
        XGC Famiglia -
        Where can I find the interview questions for promotions?
      1. XGC DMZ44's Avatar
        XGC DMZ44 -
        I have One issue, I would like to find the main pages to sites like, XGC, KOG, XDC, and so on. But i can't find a way to do that, am I missing something?
      1. King endo 69's Avatar
        King endo 69 -
        this looks great love the new look
      1. arctic vengance's Avatar
        arctic vengance -
        looks great nicely done.
      1. XGC SANDMAN's Avatar
        XGC SANDMAN -
        It is taking a little time but i am finding my way around. This is a great look just needs some color.
      1. XGC STANG's Avatar
        XGC STANG -
        on the old design you could go to your UCP(user control panel) then click "join a group" if you scrolled down to the bottom of the page, a list of groups you were in are listed(still). however the only option now is "leave group" it seems the "view members" option is gone, therefore no way to view the master usergroup member list for a clan.
      1. XGC Ghostbuster's Avatar
        XGC Ghostbuster -
        Notice when you go to post something on the forum the Xbox live tag or PSN ID isn't showing up in the post you posted on
      1. xGundamMKII's Avatar
        xGundamMKII -
        Looks good. Gonna take some getting used to but I like it.
      1. xHEDMAN77x's Avatar
        xHEDMAN77x -
        I like the old site better lol
      1. XGC Phantom's Avatar
        XGC Phantom -
        Please remember as 007 posted in this thread...the site is just beginning to come up, a lot of the old feature you are used to will be back, and the site is being built as we go...The site was opened back up to allow members access to their clan/squad lists and their members list...please dont jump the gun with opinions on the new site until it is up and fully functioning...as Double said, they have spent a lot of time and money on the site, and it does take time to get everything up and running...please bare with us as the site comes up, more and more features will become available to you....thanks.
      1. SYN R3PENT's Avatar
        SYN R3PENT -
        Seems neat. I got recruited at a very unfortunate time haha. I think it was literally the day it started going down for maintenance.
      1. XGC BrndosRambo's Avatar
        XGC BrndosRambo -
        Great work so far guys, thanks for ALL of your time, money, and hard work! There are THOUSANDS of people who appreciate what you do for us.
      1. KoG Mufasa's Avatar
        KoG Mufasa -
        How do i view my usergroup?
      1. XGC Skyhawk's Avatar
        XGC Skyhawk -
        Pretty sleek!! Just a note that when editing a profile the words are mostly all gone (Honor code etc) only the check tabs are seen and what the represent. But otherwise i like it!!
      1. XGC Phantom's Avatar
        XGC Phantom -
        Quote Originally Posted by KoG Mufasa View Post
        How do i view my usergroup?
        To find your user group or members list for your clan click the forum tab...there is a sub-category that comes up underneath that says "community" with a drop down bar for members list.
      1. SYN Soprano's Avatar
        SYN Soprano -
        where is the UCP?
      1. XGC Pancake4's Avatar
        XGC Pancake4 -
        i like it but i couldn't find join a clan. i was looking for it so i can tell the new recruits where to go. thx for all the work that went into the site.
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